CEO Baramulla

Vision & mission

Vision & mission


October 29, 2020


  • Every child learns and evolves humane learning through advancement of knowledge
  • To achieve a literate, developed, competent and forward looking human resource that plays a leading role in the nation building


  • To provide quality education in a challenging educational environment
  • To promote culture of collaboration between all stakeholders
  • Focus on value-based education integrated with technology and a plethora of extra curricular activities to meet students – individual as well as collective needs
  • To promote the culture of inclusiveness
  • To work for the holistic development of our students as well as teachers
  • To bring out the true potential of the children of the district and to provide them the basic right of a formal and thorough education while fostering a character-building environment in which they will develop as good human beings rooted in high morality, civic responsibility and the pursuit of excellence

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